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i good computer

Postby uzarnom » Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:24 pm

So i go away for about 5 days, when i come home i do my usual thing (ignore the family) go straight to my computer. turn it on and it starts to freak out about 30 things (lots of the nicholas cage bees) pop up saying my 2TB hard drive was full. i remember when i left i was using about 500GB. so i use windirstat to see whats taking up so much space.

After about 5 minutes of scanning it shows me a large blue box. about 700GB a single fraps video. now i wanted to see who would record that much. turns out the f9 button (default fraps record) is the same as the pause key on dota 2. not only that my younger brother left is paused to go see a movie. so i had over 3 hours of paused dota 2 game play footage taking up over a TB on my computer.

fun times :D

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